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About The Artist

Conrad Gardner

it culture, laws, math, science, astronomy, engineering, education and religion.  These statements can be easily confirmed with some effort.  We are living in the information age so what was just stated can be fact checked and verified at the push of a button.  The information is available for us, we just have to be intellectually curious enough to want to find it.  We will include a suggested readings book list to assist in uncovering the truth.  

It is our hope that the painting, “The “Hue” Man Chess Game” takes you on a unique visual journey and realization of  where most of  us are right now and what we can become and accomplish if we work together.

If you have not done so already, please take a moment to read or listen to the  explanation for “The “Hue” Man Chess Game”. 

If you like the print and what it represents, we encourage  you to support the work

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