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Suggested Readings Book List

1. "Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization", by Anthony Browder.

2. "Egypt Revisited", by Ivan Van Sertima.

3. "Black Spark-White Fire", by Richard Poe.

4. "Introduction to African Civilization", John G. Jackson .

5. "Those Wonderful Ethiopians", by Drusilla Dunjee Houston.

6. "Stolen Legacy", by George G.M. James.

7. "Black Man of the Nile and His Family" by, Y.A.A. Ben Jochannan.

8. "They Came Before Columbus", by Ivan Van Sertima.

9. "Superman to Man", by J.A. Rogers.

10. "The Holy Bible". Note: Egypt is spoken about more in the Bible than any other place, approximately 617 times. Remember, Egypt is in Africa, not the Middle East, which, incidentally, was predominantly black in ancient times. It is commonly accepted by scholars, historians, archaeologists and scientists that man's birthplace was Africa. From there, black people spread out and broght life and civilization to the rest of the ancient world. See "Black Spark - White Fire", by Richard Poe. Egypt is referred to as Mizraim in the Bible. Ethiopia is also referred to several times, approximately 19. Other names relating to Black people in the Bible include, but are not limited to: Ham, Hamites, Cush, Cushan, Cushan-Rishathaim, Cushi, Cushite, Put, Canaan, Midian, Midianites, Kedar, Elam, Elamites, Hittite, Hittites.

11. "The Black Presence in the Bible", by Rev.Walter Arthur McCray.

12. "Bible Legacy of the Black Race" The Prophecy Fulfilled, by Joyce Andrews.

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