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About The Artist

Conrad Gardner

Conrad Gardner is a self  taught artist who grew up in the Bronx in New York City.


His works of art are intended to educate, enlighten and inspire.  His inspiration comes from his love of history and the untold role of black people in history from ancient times to the present.


The history of African/African Americans is rich and proud and the longest running on the face of the planet.  Unfortunately, so much of our accomplishments are left out of the history books.  Fortunately, the ancient world, and the modern is replete with evidence of the genius of black people. 

Whether we are talking about the Dogons, Mali,  Songhai, Timbuktu, ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Carthage or the Moors we are talking about ancient black people

from Africa who circumnavigated the globe, civilized the ancient world and gave


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