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11" w x 17"h ready to hang print on wood. The print is designed on a floating mount which gives the illusion it is suspended in mid air once hung.


  • Print of a painting by artist Conrad Gardner.


    Since the beginning of time there has been a special bond that exists between the black man and black woman. After all, they say Eve was created from the rib of Adam… The devotion and spiritual connection is undeniable and can be seen as far back as the ancient Egyptian wall paintings.


    In this age, the connection, for the most part, seems to have been lost. This did not happen by chance and took hundreds of years of psychological manipulation beginning with slavery. It is time for us to again become strong family units who love together, stay together and pray together.


    Black men must once again look at their women in the highest regard and honor and protect them. Black men should not refer to women with any negative names. Remember you are addressing a Queen whose direct ancestry is responsible for all of the human life on the face of this planet. How could we not look at our women with the highest regard and give them our utmost respect?


    Sisters, there are no words that can accurately express some of the frustration that comes along with being a black man in America. Brothers need good women in their lives. They need you to soften their hard points, strengthen their weak points and calm their rough waters. Give him what you need to receive and if it is God's will you will be together. Remember, you too are looking at someone whose direct ancestry is responsible for all human life on the face of the planet.


    The Ankh, which the couple is holding up, represents the “Key of Life” or “Symbol of Fertility”. It is referred to as such because of the following: the opening at the top represents the woman’s vagina or womb. The staff that they are holding onto represents the man’s penis and the bar, intersecting these two represents the baby that is born as a union of these two coming together. From this we get the Key of Life or Symbol of Fertility. The Djed pillar or Djed column (pronounced Jed) held in their other hands represent strength and stability.

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