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17"w x 11"h ready to hang print on wood.  The print is designed on a floating mount which gives the illusion it is suspended in mid air once hung.


  •   The Human Chess Game - It's Time For A Change

    “The Human Chess Game “  is a colorful blend of art and reality. At close observation you will see a chess game being played between a light skinned couple and a dark skinned couple. You will notice that they are playing with real people. The original concept was to make this a painting of a black couple playing a white couple; the black pieces black people and the white pieces white people. Upon further thought, however, I realized it would be of greater value to magnify the issues that we (people of color) have amongst ourselves., i.e., light skinned against dark skinned, good hair—bad hair, east coast—west coast, Dominicans—Puerto Ricans, the islands—the states and even American born blacks against blacks from the Motherland. So, we are essentially playing each other on the small chessboard.


    At closer observation, you will notice that while the dark skinned and light skinned couples are playing each other on the small chessboard, they themselves are being played on a much bigger chessboard that they are sitting on. Are you following the concept..?


    It's time for a change. This game of “Willie Lynch”, combined with the chains and images of psychological slavery, have been going on for far too long in our communities and needs to end.


    Because we fail to unite and do not understand our strength in numbers, both financually and politcally, we are ignored by the establishment and treated as less than. It is time people. We must pool our intellectual and financial resources to come up with a better plan. An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. We can do better and must establish financial strength and a voting block speaking in one voice to demand change.


    Unarmed black men and women are being killed at an alarming rate. Racism is not getting worse. It's getting filmed. The time for division is over. We must stand together to create a better situation for our children and grand children. If not now, when...?  If not us, who...?


    One of the most important things we can do right now is become politically involved on a local level. Our local elected oficials should represent our community and look like our community.


    We would love to hear your ideas on fixing this problem. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Collectively I believe we can come up with a solution.


    Now, back to this painting and its relevance to our movement. The bottom line is that we do have a choice as to which direction we go from here.


    In the middle of the back wall you will notice a doorway where a couple is outside with the grass and pyramid, representing a higher level of consciousness, walking away from “The Human Chess Game. What is being said here is that the decision is ours which path we choose to take. We can keep playing the game forever, or we can step off the game into our own world through the (mental) doorway and do us. But remember, if we don't step forward we will always be in the same place.


    We have had Black Wall Street,in Tulsa Oklahoma, massacre1921: Hayti, in Durham, NC; Seneca Village in what is now known as Central Park in New York City; Wilmington, North Carolina massacre in 1898; Atlanta, Georgia , massacre 1906 and Rosewood, Florida, massacre 1923 just to name a few of the successful black towns black people have created in the united states.


    Unfortunately, these towns were burned to the ground by white supremacist and the people brutally murdered or these successuful self sufficient towns were broken up. Today we have the internet, social media and the economic strength to make or break businesses. Spend your money wisely. Seek out businesses where the owners look like you and support them.


    We are in a unique position to reclaim our glorious past and rightful place throughout the world and in world history. To be viewed as who we are and not as the negative images that have been created of us.

    Let’s not forget that Africa is the birthplace of man and that black people are the mothers and fathers of civilization.


    We cannot allow the deaths of our unarmed brothers and sisters at the hands of “law” enforcement be in vain. Let us use them as a catalyst to move forward in a more enlightened and strategic way.


    Black Lives Matter



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